1953: 22-year old freelance artist Leo Baxendale created Little Plum, Minnie the Minx, and The Bash Street Kids for The Beano. (Thought up the first Bash Street while striding along Fishergate, Preston, on the afternoon of 20th. October 1953, and set about drawing it that same evening.) Drew 2,500 pages of them (and of his further creations The Three Bears for The Beano, and The Banana Bunch for The Beezer.

1963:Created WHAM! for Odhams: Eagle Eye Junior Spy - co-starring arch fiend Grimly Feendish and his supernatural and subnatural creatures, The Barmy Army, George's Germs, etc. etc., and, later, creations for WHAM!'s sister paper SMASH!) - Bad Penny, Dr. Doom, The Man from Bungle, etc. (Years later, the name Barmy Army was adopted by fans of Sheena Easton, among others, and more generally, taken up by soccer and cricket fans.)

(In the 1960s my Eagle Eye drawings were sent to France, had French speech balloons stuck on them, and appeared in the adult magazine Confidences, with Eagle Eye's name changed to Archibald Razmott, and Grimly Feendish's name changed to Sinistrorreur. Then in the 1970s the drawings appeared in Le Journal de Mickey. The English punk group The Damned made a record: Grimly Feendish, then in the 1980s a French rock group Crabs made a record Archibald Razmott.)

1966-75:Created host of strips for Fleetway/IPC comics Buster, Valiant, Whizzer and Chips, Monster Fun Comic, Lion, etc. (Sweeny Toddler, Clever Dick, Swots and Blots, Bluebottle and Basher, Champ, Sam's Spook, Nellyphant, The Bad Time Bed Time Books, The Pirates, The Cave Kids, The Nits of the Round Table, Mervyn's Monsters, Big Chief Pow Wow, The Lion Lot, Match of the Week, etc. ) - circa 3,000 pages.

1975:Left UK comics forever - created Willy the Kid series of hardback books, published by Duckworth's (useless but interesting info: Duckworth's offices were at the Old Piano Factory in Camden, but their previous premises at Covent Garden featured in Hitchcock's 'Frenzy'.)

1978:Autobiography A Very Funny Business published in hardback and paperback by Duckworth.

1979: Willy the Kid and Baby Basil strips for Eppo (Dutch/Belgian publishers Oberon.).

1980-87:Carried through 7-year High Court action over rights in Beano creations. Set down for 3-week trial in the High Court, London, June 1987.

May 87: Mutually acceptable pre-trial settlement.

1988:Set up own publishing imprint Reaper Books (added limited edition prints 1995.)

1990:Responded to The Guardian's request for a strip by creating 'I LOVE You Baby Basil!'.

1987 onwards: Series of exhibitions in the UK and abroad. (Click on our 'Exhibitions' page.)

1997-1998: Created comedy CD ROM in collaboration with son Mark and wife Peggy. CD ROMIC Down the Plughole launched July 1998.

The rights of Leo Baxendale to be identified as author of all the works listed above have been asserted in accordance with ss. 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.