Detail from a strip in the 'I LOVE You Baby Basil!' book.


October 2009:

'Hobgoblin Wars~Dispatches
from the Front' is printed on
175gsm acid-free paper, and
hand sewn and bound by Rosy
Gray at the Black Cat Bindery.

I reckon the books will hold
together for several hundred
years (if we lived in an arid
desert climate they would
likely survive for millennia,
like the Dead Sea Scrolls,
but I can't have everything.)

£120 (includes packing and
Special Delivery postage.) Please send cheque to me at the address above.

ON THE OTHER HAND, you can read the text of the book here, without troubling yourself and your piggy bank to actually buy the beautiful book.



January 2005: Leo Baxendale's new book The Beano Room has now burst onto a wondering world. Being written with dry wit, the book should be read while eating lashings of toast simply oooooooozing with butter.

This signed limited edition of unlimited pleasure is hand-sewn and hand-bound by the specialist Black Cat Bindery in Somerset. A beautiful, weighty artefact to hold in the hands, each book is crafted to outlast you and your descendants, my dears, yea unto the umpteenth generation.

The book costs 55 guineas: please send a cheque for £55.50 (which includes packing and Special Delivery postage) to Leo Baxendale, 11 Brockley Acres, Eastcombe, Nr. Stroud, Glos. GL6 7DU.



Such is the size (308mm x 384mm) and weight (1.65 kilograms - and that's the weight of the book alone, it weighs a LOT more with its slipcase) of THE WORST OF WILLY THE KID, and because it is intended to last forever (or at the least - let's be realistic - if not quite forever, then at least for several lifetimes) each book of this severely limited edition has been hand-bound and hand-sewn at the specialist Black Cat Bindery at Castle Cary. Instead of high-gloss lamination on the covers, we've used a 'matt' laminate (which in fact isn't quite matt, but has a delicate egg-shell sheen to it) as being more subtle, and nearer to the appearance of my original drawings. Each voluptuous volume is supplied to you contained snugly & sumptuously in its own sturdy yet svelte slipcase, hand-made and covered with black buckram at the Black Cat Bindery. The Worst of Willy the Kid is priced at 100 guineas. Guineas instead of £s are suitably posh for such a posh book; but since, I think, guineas are no longer legal tender (shame), please make out your cheque to Leo Baxendale for £140 (this covers the book, its stalwart slipcase, packaging and Special Delivery postage) and send to Leo Baxendale, 11 Brockley Acres, Eastcombe, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7DU. Each copy is signed, and will be posted to you by Special Delivery.

For more background to the making of the book, see the Baxendale Bulletin Board.

Pictures in the Mind
By Leo Baxendale

I wrote the first draft of Pictures in the Mind in 1983, nearly half-way through my 7 year High Court action over my Beano creations, then put it aside, as I had other things to do.

In October of 1998, at my 68th. birthday, I thought I had better finish the draft and publish the book, before I fell off the twig. To my surprise I found that instead of revizing the text, I was re-writing it.

The book is autobiography, history and comedy; or can be taken as a narrative of the eternal struggle of comedy versus anti-comedy. Pictures in the Mind is hardback, sewn, and has 288 pages. There aren't illustrations as such, but there are 28 chapters, and I have preceded each chapter with a chapter-heading page where I've used as decorations, details from my original drawings from different periods. There is also a frontispiece by the Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell.

The book is 13.95. Please add £4.50 for first class postage, and packing. (The book is very heavy to start with; then I've gone to such incredible lengths to send the books through the post superbly protected, that the packages are VERY heavy). Direct from me by first class mail: send cheque or postal order for £18.45 (made out to Leo Baxendale) to: Leo Baxendale, 11 Brockley Acres, Eastcombe, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7DU.

On Comedy; The Beano and Ideology. (First edition 1989. Second edition 1993). Illustrated. A4 paperback. A vivid history of creation and struggle. ("Brilliant. I didn't understand a word of it" - Smiffy.) If The Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx and the rest are right up your street, then this is the book for you. The inside dope on a bunch of endearing dopes. £7.95. Plus £3.45 postage and packing (All books are sent by first class letter mail, very securely packed and in Postpak padded envelopes, to arrive in perfect condition.) Direct by mail from Leo Baxendale. Please make cheques or postal orders out to Leo Baxendale, and send to: Leo Baxendale, 11 Brockley Acres, Eastcombe, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7DU.


The opening frames of a strip from the ' I LOVE You Baby Basil !' book. Alas, if you fail to purchase the book, you will live and die without knowing the denouement of this scintillating plot.

I LOVE You Baby Basil!" 1991. The collected strips from The Guardian in their first year (1990-1991), printed at their drawn size; v. swish hand-bound hardback; sewn, acid-free matt art paper; page size (landscape) 277mm x 170mm. Laminated covers; tabbed spine. With a 5,000 word Prologue..£13.95p. Plus £3 postage and packing, direct from Leo Baxendale by first class post. Please make cheques or postal orders out to Leo Baxendale. Send to Leo Baxendale, 11 Brockley Acres, Eastcombe, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7DU.

The Encroachment. 1988. A4 paperback. A work of history, a vivid study.

Extract from the foreword to The Encroachment:

'...Working on my action in Chancery over the copyrights in my Beano creations...was in itself a considerable reconstruction of history, involving, inter alia, the analysis of hundreds of documents obtained under the legal process of Discovery; but I was simultaneously writing a very different work of history: The Encroachment...the study of a process of accumulating power and control. The bones of the text are the describing of the physical means of that process of control, and their material consequences for the lives of the people. The flesh is an examination of the ideologies which determined, and determine, those means and those ends.' £7.95p plus £2.55 post and packing. Direct from Leo Baxendale by first class mail. Please make cheques or postal orders out to Leo Baxendale, and send to Leo Baxendale, 11 Brockley Acres, Eastcombe, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7DU. NOTE: I have just a handful of copies of this first edition left, and they are 15 years old. The few I have left were part of a display at the exhibition 'Stripped of Illusion' and therefore are not quite 'mint' condition.

The above titles are all available direct from: Leo Baxendale, 11 Brockley Acres, Eastcombe, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7DU. Please send payment with order.