Our exhibit THE LOCH NESS DALEK attracted admiring visitor from Skaro (and perhaps he'll bring his mates.)

UPDATE AUGUST 2001: Distinguished literary gent JAMES JOYCE visits Necropolis Halt (while as quid pro quo The Master of Bash Street Leo Baxendale opens Dublin exhibition - for details of this culture swap see our exhibitions page.)

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*The logistical problem
of James Joyce's visit
(he died in 1941)
overcome not by
fancy spells
of necromancy
but by art and science fixt:
ceramic art
of Stephen Dee
subtly mixt
(shaken not stirred)
with Mark Baxendale's
Cybersphere techniks.

In close attendance on James Joyce, diminutive loopy
literature groupie Wilfrid from Bash Street.
The acute pronouncements on art by Wilfrid - closet intellectual -
are alas, a mystery,
when sieved through his jersey;
(Wilfrid's sayings only understood by his fellow Bash Street Kids
and therefore lost to history.)

Herbert (who's very likely
wandered in by mistake)
knows nothing about
art, but he knows what he likes -
vats, tuns and hogsheads

Rum property developer
The Loch Mess Monster
The Old Engine Shed
looking for the WOW factor
& soon
(no dilly-dallery, no shilly-shallery)
a bit of refurbishing
some ding-a-ling
zut alors
Necropolis Halt
Comic Art Gallery No. 2
We'll have a ball
(Curator Duck's a cool cucumber
hot number at the rumba)
On show,
Golden apples of the sun
and silver apples of the moon
pips and all.

Here on Planet Urf
(our very own piece
of galactic turf)
is decrepit nerve centre
of our subversive operations,
Grimly Feendish, i.c. night shift,
waits with sublunary glee
for night to fall and the moon to rise.....

.....while within...

The camera never lies -
here it bears witness to Mark Baxendale
showing illegal immigrant the ropes.

We pay trainees minimum wage: in travel tokens,
courtesy of Necropolis Halt District Council;
so he (or she, come to think of it -
- we know little of dalek genders)
will be able to travel home
to Planet Skaro.


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