Due soon:

The building of our second
toon gallery at Necropolis Halt -
The Old Engine Shed Gallery.
Project engineer:
Isambard Kingdom Duck
(aka Curator Duck)

Curator Duck
and his ladder
worn to a shadder

Curator Duck
being skint
sans pelf
no workforce
(save for puny self
Assistant Curator
Spotty Dick)

Not Rome nor Pyramids
nor Necropolis Halt
were built in a day

but stay...

Curator Duck
has sweet conceit:

Pro tem,
to visit Glory Hole
and view exhibits

while debris & disorder
lie round about
deep and crisp and even
click on
Assistant Curator
Spotty Dick's
Tiny Brain
Big Feet




History and development of Necropolis Halt

Line to Nowhere

Diddly dum, diddly dee
going off the rails
to Virtual Unreality.
Packed excursion trainloads
with jampacked
hampers of champers
and plovers'
eggs to look forward to
(just a bit of weeding
of the tracks to do)


Diddly dum, diddly dee
parsimonious spending spree
on Disused Waiting Room
at Necropolis Halt


A few licks of paint
diddly dum, diddly dee:
(and if nobody comes

A lick of paint

A Sudden Gust; The Mystery History of Necropolis Halt. How it came about:

May 2000

Oh No! Oh Woe!

The Comic Art
all blown away
Sudden Gust.
Gone With the Wind:
The luminous opening
Comic Art Exhibition.


Gone With the Wind:
The permanent ever-changing 'Chameleon' Comic Art Exhibition.


Gone With the Wind:
The pervasive Comic Art 'Presence' in every part of
the Museum in the Park;
even unto the posh
new toilets.


Gone With the Wind:
(blown away by El Nino
District Council)
The Comic Art Exhibitions sparkling across
the coming years:
The 50th. Anniversary
of The Bash Street Kids,
Minnie the Minx and
Little Plum in 2004
and all the exhibitions
planned to come before.


There is bitter irony:
I had titled the opening
exhibition (featuring,
along with my own
work, that of
Babette Cole,
Steve Bell and
Jacky Fleming)

Gone With the


Bash Street Kids

Little Plum

Frankly, dears, we don't
give a damn: in the eternal
struggle of Comedy versus
Anti-Comedy we will prevail
by wit:
I plan to refurbish
the disused waiting room
at Necropolis Halt
as a gallery:
a small and intimate venue,
but then, that will be fitting,
as comic strip art is a world
of intimate delights.
As soon as the task is
complete, we will feature the
gallery here on our website:
the first exhibition being

(There may be
vibration of the
exhibits now and then
from passing train) but
dear heart,
you'll put up
with that, won't you,
in the service of
Comic Art?

A statement of intent, by Leo Baxendale.
August 1998

Comic Strip, as an alliance of art and technology, is a feature of the advanced industrial nations: it came into being in Britain and the USA simultaneously in the last quarter of the last century. After the Second World War France and Japan, followed by Italy, became big players.

Yet in the last quarter of our own century, there has been a new development from this phenomenon, which, strangely, has so far passed Britain by. Over the past twenty five years permanent Comic Strip centres and festivals have become a striking feature, attracting vast numbers : Lucca and Treviso in Italy, San Diego in the USA and many more; the most singular example of all being Angouleme in the Bordeaux district of France. The Comic Strip annual festival at Angouleme was begun in 1974 by a small group of enthusiasts. Its successful example attracted to itself in the succeeding years local, regional and national funding: a mill daringly converted to become the permanent Centre des Bandes Desinees. In January of 1998, 167,300 people came from the rest of France and from abroad to the annual festival and exhibitions. In addition, another 40,000 or 50,000 come to the Comic Strip permanent centre during the rest of the year.

Angouleme is a town of 50,000 inhabitants - mid-way in size between Stroud and Gloucester.

There is no comparable set-up to Angouleme in Britain. I perceive, not exactly a window of opportunity, more a small aperture, for Stroud to slip in and become the first town in Britain to host such a dynamic structure.

It is in my mind, that if such a permanent structure of Comic Art comes into being, it would encompass the full range of the results of the alliance of art and technology: from the Comic Strip art of print technology - comics and newspapers, to the manifestations of Comic Strip art in the myriad electronic technologies, and would follow all the twists and turns of change and development.

I believe that such a structure would bring both cultural vibrancy, and permanent economic benefit to the locality, and would remedy a national deficiency.

Necropolis Halt Gallery
UPDATE Yuletide 2000

Leo Baxendale shows Teacher the newly refurbished gallery

we meant
to present
Necropolis Halt Gallery
in finery all
courtesy decoratrix Valerie
yet strange compulsion
(Nostalgia for Age of Steam?)
perchance to dream
of Railway Cuttings,
East Cheam?
chose instead
what we had most tins of:
Choo-Choo Red (matt emulsion).


doesn't give a fig
(see how we forgo
rhyme for propriety).
a fop
de trop
a cool cucumber,
hot number
at the rhumba
will not dally…
With all haste
& electronic scissors and paste
shall present
at Necropolis Halt
Virtual Gallery.


Curator Duck

red fla

Basil goes ahead
of the exhibition
with a red flag


Patron Godess of the gallery Hermaphrodite Godess of Feeling Yourself

Madge Dredd

Madge Dredd
Head of Gallery Security

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