See a sample of the Down The Plughole CD ROMIC by clicking on the links below. The size and quality of the video has been considerably reduced to play on the Web

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Leo Baxendale writes: 'When the CD ROMIC was running on a monitor at the opening of my exhibition to celebrate the 60th. Birthday of the Beano in July 1998 in Stroud, a group of 9-year olds were grouped round the monitor. The producer from Central TV who was filming them, came over to me: "Those children are entranced, and so am I. It's a world away from the 'zap the enemy' Japanese computer games."

The CD ROMIC was made to be a world away from 'zap the enemy' computer games. The CD ROMIC is therapeutic wit, rude but relaxing, and gentle with it.

The history of the CD ROMIC 'Down the Plughole':

Leo Baxendale writes:

In 1979 I took the Edwardian music hall ditty 'The Babby Down the Plughole' as the base for elaborating a Willy the Kid and Baby Basil comic strip adventure for the Dutch publishers Oberon. In 1995 I removed the Dutch speech balloons from my artwork, and replaced with English speech balloons, then added an accompanying commentary (in verse, what's worse) and published the result as a paperback book for children 'Down the Plughole'. Later still, using the 'Down the Plughole' drawings and commentary as a plot-within-a-plot, I added a GREAT DEAL more artwork, and elaborated the whole comedy structure, and we made the CD ROMIC 'Down the Plughole' (for adults of all ages). By comparing the book and the CD ROMIC, you can see how much we expanded the original concept.